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Infographics: A Powerful Visual Marketing Tool [infographic]


Here’s a infographic about how infographics make a marketing impact. That makes perfect sense, right? Well, it will.

Infographics are quickly becoming an incredible source for marketers to reach their customer base. To showcase this fact, did you know that one infographic has the potential to reach 15 million people? Also important to note if you’re looking for the most bang for your buck: you’ll want to post on Twitter or LinkedIn. Those social media sites have the best results in terms of exposure.

Location is an important factor in infographic success as well. When it comes to searches on the keyword “infographic,” Google gives a ranking of zero to 100. The countries that ranked the highest are the Philippines (60), South Africa (56), New Zealand (50), Netherlands (41), India (38) and then the U.S. (38). If you want to break it down by cities, then the top six cities you want to market an infographic to are Singapore, Bangalore, San Francisco, Sydney, Chicago and Melbourne.

Check out the infographic below for more revelations on the power of infographics in social media.

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