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Why Get Your Master’s in Nursing? [infographic]


Have you ever considered a career as a health care professional? Getting a master’s degree in nursing can help open up a myriad of doors for you, and the professional and personal benefits are endless. The University of San Fransisco put together the below infographic to help you figure out if a master’s in nursing is right for you.

With a master’s in nursing, you have your choice of several career paths, including clinical nurse leaders, care managers, clinical care coordinators, patient educators, nurse managers, patient care coordinators, risk managers and case managers. Through these different career paths, you can choose if you want to work closely with patients, other nursing staff, or if you would rather focus on the bigger picture.

Getting your master’s in nursing can also help increase your salary, since a registered nurse’s salary can stall after a certain point. An RN makes around $64,000 a year, while a nurse manager will make about $70,000. You can make around $84,000 a year as a clinical nurse leader, or up to $90,000 as a starting MSN nurse.

Learn more about why you should get your master’s in nursing in the infographic below.

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