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When to Expect a Reply From a Job Application


The long-awaited reply after sending out a job application is daunting, frustrating and makes even the best of us anxious and impatient. Vivian Giang of Business Insider found one way to track just how long it will take before your hear back from a potential employer.

According to, hiring managers are more likely to reply to an application three days after the job ad was posted. They’ve also found that the replies gradually decline over the weeks that follow the initial job posting. There is a bit of a spike in replies at the one-week mark, but at the two- and three-week marks, managers are less likely to reply to applicants. If you haven’t heard back after the first three weeks, it’s time to move on to the next prospect.

To get their findings, did a sample of 200 job hunters and recorded the results of the next 10 job applications each of them sent out — this includes the date the original job ad was posted and the date of a “positive response.” also noted that results can vary depending on whether the company paid to have the job ad posted to a specific website or if it was posted for free. When it has been posted for free, hiring managers are more likely to look at job applications right away. When it comes to the paid ads, managers are likely to take their time getting to the applications, hence the one-week spike.

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You can learn more about the expected timeframe for job application replies in the chart below.

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