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What’s the Future of Email? [infographic]


Between keeping up with email inboxes crowded with an influx of unread messages and staying up to date with our various social media accounts, it’s all too common to find ourselves inundated with information. Things won’t be changing any time soon, though, because according to this infographic, the future of email doesn’t show any signs of holding back.

When it comes to five of the main social media tools in use today, the numbers for usage are astounding. Twitter has 200 million users, Facebook has 900 million accounts and YouTube receives 4 billion views per day. Mobile phones contain 5.9 billion subscriptions, and there are 145 billion emails exchanged each day. This means there’s the possibility of reaching nearly everyone in the world in just an instant.

One statistic that’s really exciting to see is the decline in the rate of SPAM. International crackdowns on abusers and advancements in technology have made an impact in recent years. Something we will likely see an increase of, though, is mobile data growth. With the popularity of smartphones, more and more people are turning to their phone as their main method of communication in all forms.

So what are the most important ways to keep up with social media? For one, be sure to create mobile versions of websites and emails. Also embed social media links into your email messages. For even more ideas or further insight, check out the infographic below.

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