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Friends With Your Coworkers on Facebook? You’re Probably an American


Citizens of these United States are the most comfortable being connecting with their coworkers online, at least in the younger demographic.

A recent study by computer security software company AVG Technologies shows that Americans in the 18 – 25 age group are more comfortable being Facebook friends with their coworkers than their peers in other countries. Among the stats they divulged:

– 59 percent of Americans aged 18 – 25 didn’t restrict their online profiles from coworkers, as opposed to one-third of workers in the U.K., 50 percent in France, 45 percent in Canada, and 49 percent in Japan.

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– Gen Y workers in Spain post the most “inappropriate images,” at 80 percent, followed by 32 percent in the Czech Republic, and 25 percent in the U.K. The U.S. trailed the field with a relatively modest 20 percent.

– American workers in that age group were most likely to be friends with their manager online — nearly one-quarter were virtual pals with the boss.

AVG’s Senior Security Evangelist Tony Anscombe characterized the findings not in terms of lapses in judgment, but as a sign that the younger generation need to gain a better understanding of personal branding and social networking.

“Our research findings indicate that today’s 18 – 25 year old ‘digital natives’ need to be more aware of their online brand as something employers and recruiters are increasingly investigating,” he said in their recent release.

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