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Clinton vs. Trump (Part 2): The Division in Support by Degree Level


In the first part of our four-part series, we looked at support for Clinton and Trump by gender and income. Now, we examine how education affects PayScale users’ choices in the voting booth.

Part 2: Division in Candidate Support by Degree Level

Key Point: More educated, more likely to vote Clinton.

If you have at least a bachelor’s degree, you are in a pool of voters that favors Clinton. Sixty-seven percent of respondents who earned a bachelor’s degree (and no higher degree) and specified they plan to vote for either Clinton or Trump, are planning to vote for Clinton. Of those who went on to earn a PhD, 84 percent are in favor of Clinton.

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The only two degree levels that favor Trump are GED or high school diploma (59 percent of respondents planning to vote Trump) and associate’s degree (57 percent of respondents).

A graph showing candidate support by degree level.


This is a four-part series. Stay tuned daily to see candidate support by (1) gender and income, (2) educational level, (3) gender and age, and (4) U.S. metro.

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