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New Release: More Employers, More Facebook, More Q&A


The PayScale Consumer Team has released our latest features. In this release, we:

  • Expanded the number of employers in the Research Center
  • Integrated Facebook into the Research Center
  • Improved Employer Q&A

More Employers

We have a set of employers that we “know.” When you go through the survey, you can select one of those companies. When you’re in the Research Center, you can see reports about them. 

There are approximately 6 million employers in the US (according 2008 data from the US census). You can imagine that the number of employers around the world is VERY large. For a while now, we’ve only known around 80,000, a tiny fraction. We spent three weeks building processes and tools to help us “know” about more employers, and we’ve more than tripled our knowledge: ~250,000 employers. It’s still only fraction of the world’s employers, but we’ve made good progress and we will continue to make more.

More Facebook

In our last release, we added the ability to see your friends in the College Selector Tool. In this release, we’ve incorporated your friend into the Research Center. If you’re interested in a company, you can now see who you know there. If you’re interested in a school or a job, same thing. Check to see if you know anyone at:

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Or, search for any employer:



More Q&A

Last release was our debut release for our Employer Question and Answers. In this release, we created a front door to the Questions and Answers. And, we fixed a LOT of bugs and made it generally easier to ask a question, share it with your network, and add answers.


Tell Us What You Think

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about what we’ve released. I’m always happy to answer.

Adam Phillabaum
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