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Is it Time to Quit Your Day Job? Here Are 3 Ways to Tell


In their latest column for Inc., Karl Stark and Bill Stewart outline three signs that it’s time to quit your day job in favor of entrepreneurship. Are you exhibiting any of these behaviors?

  1. Your lack of fulfillment at work is bleeding into the rest of your life. Hard work, the authors posit, should be fulfilling in a novel way that other areas of your life can’t replicate. If it isn’t, and your work stress is affecting how you interact with your loved ones or spend your leisure time, it’s time to go.
  2. You want control. If you feel resentful about being told what to do, Corporate America and most traditional jobs probably aren’t for you. Entrepreneurship, on the other hand, favors those with initiative.
  3. You fear failure less than being unfulfilled. “When you have reached the point where comfort is no longer the priority or fear of failing outweighs the fear of living an unfulfilled life — it’s time to chase your dream!” write Stark and Stewart.

Based on the signs above, is it time for you to quit your day job and become an entrepreneur?

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