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Is Personal Branding the New Corporate Culture? [infographic]


Whether it’s investing in leadership training or implementing productivity improvements, more and more companies are realizing that their success is dependent on the individuals they employ. This means taking personal branding and corporate culture in a new direction.

What a company has to offer has an expiration date. It’s up to the innovation of its product and the delivery of a unique promise that will give it longevity. This is why conformity is such a contradiction to innovation. The “one of many” mentality doesn’t leave room for individual thoughts and ideas.

Allowing each employee to be him or herself results in individualism, or personal branding. This ensures diversity and allows room for new ideas and creativity. When this happens, innovation is inevitable. The company will keep moving forward and redefining itself in a constantly changing world.

Check out the infographic below for more insights on personal branding.

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