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3 Tips for Keeping Your Spirits Up During a Lengthy Job Search


Looking for a work can be the hardest job you’ll ever have, and sometimes it can go on for quite a while. It can be a daunting, frustrating, humbling, and nerve-racking experience to search month after month for the right opportunity. New research suggests that having a positive attitude can have a profound impact on your job search.

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You’ll be happier, more optimistic, and have more energy if you have a good attitude during this time. It will help you stay motivated and allow you to put your best foot forward during interviews and throughout the hiring process.

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Here are a few tips.

1. Schedule your job search like it’s a job.

Set a schedule for yourself. Decide when you’ll look for work and where you’ll do it. This can be essential when you’re already working, in order to put in the necessary time at the end of the day and on weekends to pursue your search. But, even if you’re looking for work full-time, scheduling a time and place for your job hunt will help you stay on track. Some people find that spending time in a public place, like a library or cafe, can help them enjoy the process a little more, and it can also help with focus and motivation.

2. Allow yourself to take mental breaks for the process.

When you’re not looking for work, in the evenings for example, try to give yourself a rest from thinking about it. You know that you’re putting time and effort into it, and you know you’ll be back at it tomorrow, so spend some time thinking about other things and giving yourself a break intellectually and emotionally from the process.

3. Know that it could take awhile.

For professionals, finding a new job generally takes anywhere from six months to two years. Various factors contribute to the duration, but either way you cut it, this could take some time. Try not to get frustrated or discouraged if you don’t land on something great right away. You want to find a job that is the right fit for you, and that takes time.

Once you know that you’re putting the appropriate amount of time into your search, that you’re allowing yourself to take breaks, and that it could take a while, try to find a way to enjoy this time. There are probably opportunities available to you now, because of your flexibility, that won’t be there once you land that new and exciting position. Try to take advantage of those opportunities and enjoy this time. Keeping your spirits up during a job search isn’t easy, but it could be the key to finding and landing the job you’re looking for.

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Really nice inspiration to freshers


Great tips.

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