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Getting Fit To Lead [infographic]


Ordinarily, the word "habit" can conjure up negative ideas, but a healthy habit can be a really good thing. This is especially true in this infographic, which demonstrates the habits of successful leaders.

An astonishing 56 percent of companies say that they expect to face a shortage of qualified, exclusive talent. They are willing to spend $1,228 per employee toward learning and development. In fact, speeding up leadership is so important that 64 percent of learning executives are focusing on speeding up leadership development.

To be a leader, it's important to take pivotal steps toward success. Anticipation, critical thinking and interpretation are key. Look into the future beyond current issues and ask questions to solve underlying problems. Another key group of things to keep in mind are decision, alignment and learning. Precision will keep your team moving forward, while embracing honest feedback will add a checks and balance system to ensure optimal and continuous improvement.

Check out the infographic below for more revelations on getting fit to lead.

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