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Can Google Fiber Make Kansas City the Next Big Startup Scene?


Google Fiber, the tech giant’s high-speed network, is currently being built in Kansas City. Its Web speeds are up to 1,000 times faster than the traditional cable or high-speed Internet offered by other companies. Will Kansas become the next hotbed for tech startups?

It certainly might. Mashable spoke to Mike Farmer of mobile search app Leap2, who said of the project, “The number of startups in this region of several blocks is over 10 now, but it’s happened quickly and every day I hear of someone new moving in.” Leap2 is one of many companies that relocated to a Google Fiber-connected neighborhood solely to use the service.

Hanover Heights, the first neighborhood to get Google Fiber, already has a local nickname: the Kansas City Startup Village. Would you be a Google Fiber user if it were available in your city?

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