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Marissa Mayer’s Advice: “Ruthlessly Prioritize”


Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO, is in the news again. The new mother made headlines when, after giving birth in August, she took just two weeks of maternity leave. Recently, she spoke at Fortune Magazine's "Most Power Women" dinner and shared the secret of her success: ruthless prioritization. 

When it comes to her priorities, the 37-year-old CEO says, "For me, it's God, family, and Yahoo, in that order." Yahoo's stock has gone up 18 percent since Mayer took the helm, so perhaps her advice is worth heeding. But what if prioritizing doesn't come naturally to you?

Define Yourself

To figure out what truly matters to you, you might need to evaluate every aspect of your life. According to this article from, the best way to figure out your priorities is to look at your life and define the things that mean the most to you. What are you most passionate about? What makes you happiest? What gets you out of bed every morning? When you have identified the pieces of your life that make you thrive, you can begin eliminating anything that take away your attention to those things. 

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Edit Yourself

Eliminating the noise from your life can be tricky. This is where creativity could pay off. For instance, if you are prioritizing time at home, you might be able to arrange a flexible schedule with your boss, or even the freedom to telecommute for a day or two every week. Or, if you find that your time is taken up with endless volunteering, it might be time to let a few things go. Saying no to others might allow you to say yes to your priorities. 

Nurture Yourself

Regardless of the priorities you make, it is also important to take some time for you. Every email does not need to be answered right away. Try turning off your smartphone or tablet or computer for an hour after work. Doing so could help you decompress, clear you mind, and focus on some of the personal priorities on your list.

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