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Two Out of Three Workers Are Looking for New Jobs, Often by Using Social Media


This will come as a surprise to almost no one who has been riding out the bad economy over the past couple of years, but even people who have jobs now would like new ones. In fact, a recent survey by Jobvite, 69 percent of employed folks are looking for new gigs, and many of them are using social media to do it.

Of the 2,100 people who answered the 2012 Job Seeker Survey:

  • 52 percent of all job seekers reported using Facebook in their job search
  • 38 percent used LinkedIn
  • 34 percent used Twitter
  • One in six said social media for helped them find their current jobs

Why so much interest in social media job searching? Once again, we can look at the frustrating economic conditions of the past couple of years. It used to be that job seekers who didn’t have much luck cold calling or networking through professional acquaintances could depend on internet job listings for leads.

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“Job seekers have become increasingly frustrated at searching for jobs online and getting no response, and they intuitively know that the best opportunities are found through people, not search engines,” says Dan Finnigan, president of Jobvite.) “As social networking has become a core part of our cultural dynamic, we are continuing to see more and more job hunters taking advantage of a vertical they are comfortable with in order to find work.”

Or maybe they’re just going where the recruiters are. Previous research from Jobvite indicated that 86 percent of HR recruiters look at social media for candidates.

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