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Use PayScale to Increase Your Salary: Six Easy Tips


Use PayScale to Increase Your Salary: Six Easy Tips

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If you’ve completed the PayScale Salary Survey, you already have an edge in understanding your compensation and actively managing your career. If you’re ready to start earning more, here are six easy ways that you can use PayScale to your advantage.

Do You Know What You're Worth?

  • Know more than your manager knows. Maintain your PayScale Current Job Profile to find the typical value for your work in the marketplace.
  • Review Anonymous Profiles monthly. See real salaries for others with similar jobs and experience in your city. Thousands of new profiles are added each day.
  • Manage your performance. As you gain experience and skills, update your PayScale Current Job Profile to get a sense of your new value.
  • Read PayScale Advice from others in your industry or job. Or give advice about your specific job, industry or topics like Work-Life Balance, Fair Pay, Negotiating Higher Pay, I Was Fired, and more.
  • Use PayScale data to make better decisions. Compare salaries for your job around the country and the world – and prepare for promotions and job offers.
  • Learn how education can boost earning power. Use the PayScale Research Center to see how education can affect your income.

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    What Am I Worth?

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