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Tech Giants and Their Overflowing Cash Coffers [infographic]


Some of the world’s biggest tech companies are sitting on piles of billions of dollars, and don’t know what to do with it. Apple alone reported a surplus of $137 billion at the end of the most recent fiscal year. The infographic below from analyzes ways these tech giants can use this surplus of money.

Oracle, for example, is sitting on $33.41 billion. That could buy them 10 of the most valuable teams on the MLB, NFL and the NBA, plus the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs (the No. 1 NHL team in terms of value). Cisco Systems has more than $46 billion, which could give 1.9 million people a four-year college degree (at an average cost of $24,400 per person). Google has more than $48 billion, which means they could give away 32 million pairs of Google Glass Explorers for free (a value of $1,500).

Then we come to two of the biggest tech giants around. Microsoft has more than $68 billion, which gives them more than enough money to purchase the French Armed Forces, a value of $62.5 billion. But even Microsoft is no contest for Apple’s $137 billion. According to the infographic below, Apple has enough money to purchase every single office building and retail space in New York City.

Learn more about tech giants and how much money they really have in the infographic below.

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