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4 Career-Boosting Benefits of Keeping Up With the News


You may hate politics, sports, watching the evening news or tuning in to morning talk radio, but keeping up with the news can actually help your career. Read on for four career-boosting benefits of staying abreast of current events, courtesy of Business Insider.

  1. It aids small talk. Being well-informed ensures you’re conversant in key issues, buzzwords, trends and policies in your industry. This helps in nearly any situation, whether you’re a jobseeker trying to impress an interviewer or a C-level executive.
  2. It boosts your personal brand. Sharing relevant news items via social media or a blog demonstrates your proficiency within your industry — that you’ve got your finger on its pulse, so to speak.
  3. It helps you identify opportunities. “If you’re regularly following current events, you’ll start to realize when trends are emerging and pockets for opportunity have arisen,” writes Come Recommended in the Business Insider piece. “Further, you’ll be more in tune with your industry and client or customer needs, which will likely translate to making better, quicker decisions at work.”
  4. It builds your expertise. Each day you stay on top of news items, you’re building your knowledge in a given area. Over time, you may choose to become an industry expert, weighing in on key issues online via social media, blogs or forums.

Do you keep up with current events? What are some of your favorite ways to stay connected?

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