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This Job Exists: Social Media Wedding Concierge


Love weddings and social media? Forgetting about Instagramming your sad slice of the wedding cake the next time one of your friends gets hitched. If you play your cards right, you could have a whole new career as a social media wedding concierge — at least, if the career path takes off.

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Right now, it appears to solely exist at four W Hotels in New York, and we only know about it because Bianca Bosker, tech editor at The Huffington Post, tweeted a press release she received from the chain:

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(Screen Capture via Business Insider.)

Bosker’s response to the release? “$3,000 ‘social media wedding concierge’ will come up with a #hashtag for you. please stop.”

Opinions on the internet ranged from “please do not pay someone $3,000 to live-tweet your wedding” to “this finally exists!” (OK, that last one was somewhat tongue-in-cheek.)

If this is your dream job, take heart, however: new social media gigs are popping up all the time. “Social media wedding concierge” isn’t a big enough field yet to say for certain how one should prepare for it, but the typical social media manager has a bachelor’s degree in communications and is good at making friends, both on- and offline, as well as developing connections, managing followers, and keeping up-to-date on the latest trends and tools in the social media space.

We’d guess that a social media wedding concierge would also have to be pretty good at taking pictures of wedding cakes — with or without fancy filters.

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