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Should You Send That Email? [infographic]


This handy flowchart will help you discern whether to send an email or keep it to yourself. Although the infographic has a lighthearted tone, it’s meant to proactively ease the burden of overflowing inboxes. It uses the case study of tech company Atos, which banned internal email after discovering that managers spent some 20 hours a week reading emails — many of them irrelevant ones.

At each step of the flowchart, the viewer reads fun facts about overflowing email inboxes. For example, nearly 10 percent of employers have terminated an employee for sending emails that weren’t work-related. What’s more, companies lose $650 billion each year due to unnecessary emails.

While navigating the email overload flowchart, readers learn conscientious practices to follow when CCing others, the benefits of descriptive subject lines, magical acronyms like NNTR and EOM, and the three-sentence rule. Check it out below.

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