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Looking for a Summer Job? These Companies Still Have Openings


Between finals, graduations, and the unexpected madness of life, you weren’t able to take the time to find a summer job. Now it’s July, and you’re in a bit of a panic trying to figure out what to do. Well, fear not. There are still jobs out there for the summer, and one might just have your name on it.

Hershey Park

(Photo Credit: “Hershey Park – The Boardwalk”. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikipedia)

Taking a page out of Susan Adams’ playbook, I went ahead and did a quick Indeed search to find some of the most broadly available seasonal positions. If the top three that I list below aren’t available in your area, then look for something in a similar role that you could actually commute to.

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With that, here are three companies that are still looking to fill positions that you can apply for right now:

Hershey Entertainment & Resorts – Anything You Can Dream Of

Sure there are probably a few things you could dream of that aren’t on this list, but with more than 120 jobs still available, Hershey makes itself a strong candidate for a great place to find work this summer. From part-time barista, to greenskeeper, to massage therapist, the beauty of a resort is that they’ve positions to fill in every corner of the entertainment and service industries. 

Working at a resort usually offers wages well above the minimum wage. It’s also a great way to lock in a solid job for next summer which could give you the opportunity to make some corporate connections and even score an internship. Give it a try! 

Grassroots Campaigns, Inc. – Campaign Position

Have you ever had the feeling like you wanted to be a part of something “more,” or that your summer job wasn’t fulfilling you the way other friends’ internships and jobs were? Well, you can make a difference at this job: campaign for a cause that you believe in. Naturally, there are going to be limitations, but there are at least 30 different jobs across several major cities and states from Los Angeles to Missouri, there’s definitely a broad range of opportunities here.

As the job description notes, you can pull in $6,100-$8,900 working for them this summer, which is higher than the average of what many canvassers earn in commission. Whether it’s women’s rights, LGBT causes, protecting the environment or something else, if you can find a cause you’re passionate about, they’re definitely worth looking into. 

Big Sky Montana – Food & Beverage Host/ess (Montana)

Finally, who wouldn’t want to work at a resort this summer? It might be the off-season here in what’s typically known as ski country, but there are often still positions at these year-round hot spots that still need to be filled simply because they aren’t as glamorous or seem like non-standard jobs.

As a host or hostess, you’d be interacting with all sorts of visitors and at a place like Big Sky, you’ll probably meet folks from all over the country, and even the world  which can provide great networking opportunities (if you’re doing your job well).

The point is, no matter what stage in the job hunt game you’re at, the jobs probably aren’t just going to come looking for you. It involves a little digging, a lot of humility, and some thinking outside the box. In the end you may land a job that you never knew you could enjoy so much. Good luck!

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I found some more summer jobs that I think is still available.

Little City Foundation – Palatine, Illinois
Children’s Life Skills Instructors

Federal-Mogul Corporation – Smyrna, Tennessee
Temporary Function: Production / Distribution Support Division

for more info visit this site:

Hope it helps.

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