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Mobile Productivity Tools Are Far From Perfect, According to Survey


A recent survey by reveals that mobile productivity tools have a long way to go before they help users work effectively while on the go. Although 77 percent of respondents said that they routinely finish presentations, documents or proposals while outside the office, 84 percent said that they cannot work efficiently while doing so, and 54 percent report that their productivity is actually lower on the go than it is in the office. Why is mobile collaboration so flawed?

The survey revealed that mobile workers have trouble accessing key data. Over 40 percent said that they work with documents that are potentially out of date, while 43 percent reported that when working remotely, they lack essential information to complete a task or project. Considering these factors, it's no wonder that 32 percent of respondents admitted to making errors in important documents when working on them out of the office.

"We live in an era of what we call BYOD and with that comes the expectation that every important application and document will be available while walking around with an iPad or smartphone," said CEO Yaacov Cohen. "The reality? Not so much."

Does your mobile collaboration experience mirror the majority in this survey?

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