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Study Reveals Jobs That Will Make You Fat


Several factors contribute to weight gain and obesity, but a CareerBuilder survey revealed that some jobs are more likely to make you fat than others. Some 44 percent of U.S. workers report gaining weight at their current company. What positions do you think were most likely to cause workers to tip the scales?

Unsurprisingly, sedentary desk jobs known for hefty workweeks took the top five spots. Here’s a breakdown of the top 10; click each job title for PayScale’s salary data for that position.

  1. Information technology professional: The top five all share common factors: long hours at a desk, stress and sedentary workweeks.
  2. Attorney/judge
  3. Marketing and public relations professional
  4. Social worker
  5. Administrative assistant
  6. Teacher: Perhaps class parties, bake sales and treats are to blame.
  7. Travel agent
  8. Protective services: The stressful duties of firefighters or police combined with downtime can make weight gain surprisingly easy.
  9. Artist, designer or architect: So much for the “starving artist” theory.
  10. Physician

The CareerBuilder researchers found that the most likely causes of weight gain were dining out regularly, eating lunch on the job, working at a desk all day and stress eating. Are you surprised by the study’s findings?

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