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Job for Math Majors – Quantitative Research Coordinator


Name: Amber Dean
Job Title: Quantitative Research Coordinator & Business Owner
Where: Macon, GA – United States
Employer: Private Club Associates Continuum

Years of Experience: 25 years
Relevant Experience: 2

Education: Took some classes at Griffin Technical College; computer programming courses for 1 year at Macon State College; degree in art, took statistic courses and research methodology at Mercer University; degree in math, took statistics and math courses. 
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What can you do with a math or statistics degree? As it turns out, there are jobs for math or statistics majors in many fields. For math lovers like Amber Dean, a quantitative research coordinator, it’s possible to find great satisfaction in a job that uses math on a regular basis. In this Salary Story, Amber describes the many advantages to a job in quantitative research. 

By using math and statistics, Amber is able to learn consumers’ preferences and purchasing habits. A major part of the job involves using research and analysis to examine the most important information gathered from focus groups. If you love analyzing statistics as well as working with people, this can be both a fun and rewarding challenge. Overall, working as a quantitative research coordinator involves a mixture of marketing research and math analysis. Keep reading to find out if this job is right for you.

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Quantitative Research Coordinator Job Description:

Amber: At Private Club Associates, I organize, facilitate, analyze and interpret all survey and focus group research for private clubs that PCA conducts. With club staff, I define research questions. I investigate these questions in focus groups which I facilitate. I use the focus groups and staff comments to create a survey draft which is reviewed by the staff of the club as well as the board. I administer the survey using e-mail reminders or paper versions when necessary. I download the survey’s raw data and from there I begin the analysis. I categorize all comments. I find the averages and such from the data. I discover which areas are important and find areas of disagreement. I make recommendations for changes and write the report. I present the report to the department heads so they can work on their strategic planning (and not be scared of the report). I also do budgeting for my department and expense reports. I also have to do some networking and computer maintenance at this office.

I am also starting up my own company doing the same thing and I’m working really hard to get it done. Currently, I am working with a software engineer to develop a quicker way to analyze the results as I work on the website myself. I also have a marketer on my team.

PayScale: How did you become a quantitative research coordinator?

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Amber:I had to take statistics at Macon State College and really enjoyed it. Then I was able to start working at PCA. I found the job rather quickly. It uses statistics, although not that strenuously, so I enjoy it. Now I am wanting to start my own company. I also want go to graduate school to learn more about statistics. That should start this summer or fall. I hope to one day do more analysis and less work with focus groups.

PayScale: What do you love about being a quantitative research coordinator?

Amber: I love doing the analysis and the math. And I am enjoying the process of creating my own company. No headaches there! And my boss is always talking about how well I have developed the product. One other thing that I like about my job is helping the staff at a club. I want to help them do their jobs – research can help them. Plus, by doing employee surveys and focus groups, I can bring up points to upper management that the staff may feel uncomfortable talking about. That’s something I really love about working at PCA.

PayScale: What are the advantages of quantitative research?

Amber: With math, you can see a whole new world out there. It’s fascinating, really. It’s part of the reason why I want to continue my education in math. Research is also good for someone who is curious and enjoys different challenges. Even when doing surveys, every project is different. I like that. And with a degree in math/statistics, you can find a job in most any field. For instance, I am working with country clubs that focus primarily on golf. What do I know about golf? Basically you just have to know the math and you can figure out the subject as you go along. I really like that. It’s versatile.

PayScale: What are the biggest challenges you face as a quantitative research coordinator?

Amber: The biggest challenge I face with the numbers is trying to always stay ahead of the game. I have to read a lot so I know I am up-to-date. I also try to figure out the best ways to do the analysis. Sometimes the hardest part is explaining the results to non-statisticians. Actually, the biggest challenge I face at my current job is trying to find a new one in a smaller city. As far as creating my own company, the biggest challenge is just time to do it and finding the right people who can help me see it through.

PayScale: What advice would you give to someone starting out as a quantitative research coordinator?

Amber: As far as really getting into this field, find a school that works for you. Go there, do well, and don’t do anything illegal because with math and statistics you are most likely going to get a job working for the government and will need to pass security clearance. Also, I wish you luck finding employment in a small town.

PayScale: What are the craziest or most interesting things that have happened while being a quantitative research coordinator?

Amber: There’s not too much of anything crazy as a quantitative research coordinator. However, I get to travel around the country and go to clubs that are more or less resorts. The food is interesting because most clubs actually have a chef. When I get home after a trip I am asked about what I ate. That’s really all I like about the clubs themselves. If I am lucky, I have time scheduled to see the location. I like that too; I have gone all over the place, just driving around and seeing what I can get into. I even went spelunking on one trip.

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