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How Do Employees Waste Time at Work? [infographic]


This infographic commissioned by VoIP company Fonality examines how office workers waste time at work by carrying out inefficient processes. The biggest time-waster in the average employee's eight-hour day is trying to contact customers or colleagues, an activity that Fonality found takes 74 minutes. Another activity that sucks the day away is the process of finding key information, which wastes 67 minutes a day. Other top tasks include "Duplicating communications," "Attempting to schedule meetings" and "Unwanted communications."

Fonality touts cloud-based communication platforms as the solution to this inefficiency. Such a platform could save up to 75 percent of wasted time — a savings of 115.5 minutes per employee per day. That adds up to big savings over time: Fonality cites that an office with 50 knowledge workers could save some $942,500 annually.

Check out the full infographic below. Are you surprised that so much time in the average workday is wasted on seemingly mundane processes?

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(Photo credit: Fonality/Mashable)

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