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Topics: is a new job-search tool that aims to display only positions that are best suited for your qualifications and personality type. The tool uses Myers-Briggs Type Indicator results and a semantic analysis of your LinkedIn profile to help filter out results that are unsuitable for your work style and experience. This, the team behind claims, will yield far more useful results than traditional keyword-based searches.

"The list of available jobs generated by job search engines is primitive," said Mona Abdel-Halim, the cofounder of parent company Careerimp, in a prepared statement. "Jobseekers can put in the position and location they are interested in, but it doesn't really provide them with a list of the most relevant jobs."

While has a promising concept, it requires that users know their Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which may hinder prospective new users from signing up. Careerimp is set to launch at this week's VentureBeat DEMO Spring 2012 event. Do you think can compete against LinkedIn's job-recommendation engine and its ilk?

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