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10+ Healthy Lunch Ideas You Won’t Give Up in the New Year

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Need an idea for a New Year’s resolution? Make a commitment to eating healthier at work.

You’re tired of low energy, sleepy afternoons and evenings during which you can’t bear to think the word “gym.” Instead of biting off more than you can chew (pun intended), try a resolution that’s easy to swallow (promise I’ll stop soon) with some delicious and totally doable lunch recipes.

Warm Up With a Hot Soup

healthy lunch ideas
Zak Chapman/Pexels

Your office is colder than Mars after dark, so don’t limit yourself to a cold sandwich that you’ll inevitably toss in favor of some hot pizza. With one of these soups, you can warm your insides and please your tummy, too. Try a pre-packed Ramen in a Jar recipe (perfect when you only have that hot water function available at the office) or any one of these eight dry soup mix recipes you can store in your desk till you’re ready to slurp.

Stuff a Vegetable With Something

healthy lunch ideas

Love yourself some stuffed peppers, or maybe a sweet potato full of tasty meats? Try one of these stuffed recipes you prep at home the night before, then warm up super fast in the old microwave at work. You can resolve to eat more veggies (or maybe give up carbs) and still enjoy a tasty lunch!

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Give Your Taste Buds A Treat

healthy lunch ideas
Buenosia Carol/Pexels

Try a tasty treat that will get even more delicious overnight with a curry. You can go vegetarian, dairy-free and even vegan with this Chickpea Curry if that’s your thing. Change it up with a Japanese-Style Curry perfect for a bento box.

The best things about curry: it’s complex and super interesting to your taste buds, but often low-calorie and healthy. (Save your Tupperware by using a glass or ceramic container instead.)

Don’t Stew About It

healthy lunch ideas

While regular old stew can be good, to keep your resolutions going, you might need a flavor explosion. Branch out and try recipes with interesting ingredients so that you stay interested. Epicurious offers up a quick and easy Moroccan Beef Stew with olives and raisins, a Haitian Beef and Pumpkin Soup with loads of spicy peppers and an pressure cooker-made Portuguese Caldo Verde you can make in a flash.

Get Bowled Over

healthy lunch ideas
Foodie Factor/Pexels

Choose your own adventure with some bowls of love you give your tummy. Try a winter bowl full of your favorites from a soft-boiled egg to avocado and brown rice. Or maybe a bowl full of bright green foods (when it’s dreary out) like this Vibrant Green Buddha Bowl with broccoli and green curry paste atop quinoa. Getting into meal prep? Try a Paleo Chicken Burrito Bowl you can prep for the whole week and change up every day.

Whatever you choose, just remember that when your tummy is happy, your brain is, too. Eat something great in 2019!


What’s your favorite office lunch recipe? We want to hear from you! Leave a comment or join the discussion on Twitter.

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