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Resolve to Get Hired in 2019. Here’s How.

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New Year’s resolutions can be a useful tool. They can inspire you to set new goals and motivate you to focus your intention.

When it comes to big resolutions, however, it’s important to set up a plan to succeed. If your goal in 2019 is to land a new job, then let’s make it happen.

Revise Your Resume(s)

Yes, more than one resume is a must in today’s workforce. You should be able to tailor your resume to the job you’re applying for (without lying about your experience). Talk up relevant parts of your job skills and history and adjust resume keywords to make those applicant tracking systems pick you out of the masses.

Take time in the new year to create a resume database for yourself, to make it easy to swap in relevant skills and tidbits from one master document. That way, when the right job opening is available, you can act quickly.

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Know What 2019 Will Bring

Get up to speed on job trends for the coming year and you’ll be ahead of the competition. In 2019, expect:

  • Rigorous job interviews: The job interview process continues to grow more complex. Depending on the employer, you can expect hurdles like personality tests and work simulations. You might also be asked to interview via video. “As a result, the hiring process will take longer than you expect,” writes Hannah Morgan at U.S. News & World Report. “Be patient and understand that the employer wants to hire the best match for the role, considering more factors than just your skills.”
  • Non-tech jobs at tech companies: With Amazon announcing its new HQ2(s) and Apple opening up a new Austin campus, there are plenty of major tech players who will be staffing up rapidly in a bunch of new metro areas. Keep your eye out for jobs with tech employers who want to keep making money as they grow fast, who still need roles filled like marketing, accounting, legal and admin roles (great for getting your foot in the door).
  • Possibly, lower pay for salaried workers. Wait, what? That’s right, even though unemployment is at a near 50-year low, companies may not shell out for workers. Per Jena McGregor at The Washington Post: “A survey released by the human resources consultancy Aon projects that the increase in the amount companies spend on cash compensation for salaried workers in 2019 (a combination of base salary and ‘variable pay,’ or incentives, signing bonuses or recognition awards) will drop slightly, falling from 15.5 percent of companies’ total payroll to 15.2 percent in 2019. “

Plan to Learn Something New

Want to stand out from the crowd? Brush up on your skills, including:

  • Coding: Software developer Andrei Neagoie wrote two Medium articles detailing how to learn to code and land a new job. His advice focuses on free/cheap ways to get started — so don’t sign up for that expensive bootcamp just yet.
  • Data analysis: This skill isn’t just for people with “analytics” in their job titles. Being able to crunch numbers and analyze how decisions pay off over time are valuable skills. Laurence Bradford at Forbes writes, “No matter what department you work in, learning data skills allows you to add more value to your team, your company, and everyone your work touches.” She recommends a variety of online options for improving your skills, including statistics classes, data analysis courses and more.
  • Working remotely: Even if your office isn’t remote, you probably work with some folks who telecommute from time to time. That means that it’s essential to know how to navigate communications software and how to communicate with a distributed team.
  • Know what you’re worth: Go into every job interview ready to negotiate in order to minimize the risk of accepting a low-ball offer. Use PayScale’s Salary Survey to find out what you’re worth in your current job or a future role, and be prepared to ask for what you deserve with our Salary Negotiation Guide.


What kind of jobs are you looking for in 2019? We want to hear from you! Leave a comment or join the discussion on Twitter.

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