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How Giving Tuesday Can Help Others and Your Career

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giving tuesday

If you work for a nonprofit, chances are that you don’t need any convincing about the power of Giving Tuesday.

Created in 2012 to inspire giving back during the holiday season, the event raises millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations in the U.S. each year. (Last year’s estimated tally: $274 million.)

But regardless of which industry you work in, you might choose to spend today volunteering or donating to your favorite causes. And if you do, you might be surprised to discover an accidental benefit of giving back: a boost to your career.

learn New skills

Volunteering can help you reach your career goals. You might be given the chance to learn entirely new skills that could help you land your next job — or you might learn about job openings that would otherwise pass you by.

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Perhaps you’d like to get into marketing, for example, and you have some education in the field but no work experience. A volunteer opportunity might give you the opportunity to flex these muscles. Then, you can transfer these skills to your professional work.

learn about yourself

Even making a donation has a personal benefit. Giving money to an organization or organizations that matter to you can help you get to know yourself a little better. Improved self awareness can benefit your career by helping you to hone your goals and create a career path that’s a good fit for your personality and interests.

Donating can also help you feel happier and more confident — and confidence is always appealing to hiring managers and employers.

Expand your network

Getting involved could also help you to expand your professional network. It’s always a positive career move to get to know new people. You never know how or when a contact could come in handy, even if you’ve only “met” on social media.

You won’t just expand your knowledge of organizations when you participate in Giving Tuesday. You’ll also learn more about your local area and the world. And, you don’t have to limit yourself to causes that relate directly to your job. Simply being engaged, knowledgeable and intellectually curious is good for your career.

Never underestimate the power of being engaged and involved with causes that mean something to you. The professional benefits might not be immediately obvious, but you’ll experience them over time. And, you’ll feel good about your participation in the meantime, too.

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