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4 Work-From-Home Jobs That Aren’t Data Entry or Customer Service

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Work-from-home jobs are on the rise, and when you telecommute, it doesn’t have to mean data entry.

Jobs that let you be creative or use an advanced degree — and yes, even pay you a decent paycheck — are real. See if these jobs get your wheels turning:

1. Voice-Over Talent

In a post earlier this year, FlexJobs noted that this job allows you to “work from anywhere … as long as you’re able to record from your own studio and meet tight turnaround deadlines.” According to PayScale salary data, median salary for voice-over talent is just $36,000 per year, but at the upper end, a few of the most experienced make over $200,000!

2. Freelance Technical Writer

Do you love distilling complicated technical info into easy-to-understand documents? Then becoming a freelance technical writer might be perfect for you. Technical writers earn a median salary of around $50,000, according to PayScale salary data.

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3. Telemedicine Doctor or Nurse

Telemedicine allows patients to contact a doctor or nurse to diagnose simple ailments without a trip to the doctor’s office or emergency room. To do this job, doctors and nurses need video conference setups, plus the ability to give clear instructions to patients in order to appropriately diagnose their problems.

The Society for Human Resource Management noted in 2016 that telemedicine was a growing trend in the job market, but faces regulatory barriers. One recent Dallas-based magazine article pointed out that Texas legislative changes are opening doors to telemedicine operators in the state.

4. Remote Translator/Interpreter

With a video phone hookup from anywhere, you could help bridge the gap between two cultures and translate questions, answers, directions and more. A remote translator might work for a hospital, court system, travel agency or simply for a corporation with customers around the world.

If you’re fluent in a language other than English, you might be a great fit for this kind of job. Check out similar positions listed on websites like Indeed or FlexJobs to get an idea of positions that are out there. PayScale salary data shows that a median salary for a translator is around $46,000/year.

Want to learn more about a potentially awesome new job? Use the PayScale Salary Data & Career Research Center.


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