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Love Animals? Try One of These Pet-Loving Jobs!

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Animal-Friendly Jobs
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You love dogs, cats, and everything in between. Why not take your love of animals up a notch and work in a field that’s animal friendly, too?

You don’t have to be a dog catcher to see a lot of cute, fuzzy faces every day (and we’re not even talking NHL playoffs season, either).

Here are five jobs for animal-lovers:

1. Radiology Technician

You don’t have to be a vet to work for a vet. Operating x-ray equipment as a radiology technician is a good entry job for a pet-friendly career choice if you focus on working for animal hospitals where you’d get to help out lots of pets that need some medical attention. Plus, every now and then you might get a good story about some wacky thing that got swallowed by some pet who lived to tell the tale. According to the PayScale Salary Survey, radiology technicians earn a median salary of $45,000 a year, depending on location and years of experience.

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2. Development Director for a Nonprofit

Working in “development” is often a fancy way of saying you do some fundraising, usually for nonprofits like grassroots organizations and schools. Being a director of development means you get to shape their money raising and focus on ways to use that money to advance their agendas. Pet-friendly nonprofits might include animal rights organizations, anti-cruelty groups and animal rescue organizations. Maybe you even get to raise money to help vets get service dogs. Sounds like a warm fuzzy to me! Development directors at nonprofits make a median salary of $62,000 per year, according to our survey.

3. Veterinary Practice Manager

Here’s one of those ways you can work for a vet without being a vet. If you manage a veterinary practice, you can use skills in office and personnel management as well as human relations to make everyone’s day easier (including some agitated pets). Practice managers might have a lot of great skills in just staying organized and keeping a business profitable. You also should be good at giving belly rubs. Our salary survey shows that veterinary practice managers make a median salary of $46,000 per year.

4. Pet Insurance Claims Specialist

Yes, you can insure your pets! With pet insurance, the industry still needs claims specialists who take the time to review claims as they come in and approve or deny them. It’s one way to work to ensure healthy pets and work an office job that requires skills in using a computer, being detail-oriented and interpreting reports. Our PayScale Salary Survey notes that insurance claims specialists earn a median salary of $51,000 per year.

5. Digital Marketing Manager

Working in the pet-friendly world doesn’t always mean working with animals, but instead, you could help a business that caters to animals and animal lovers. A digital marketing manager would be in the business of growing a company’s message and brand. If you work for a pet-friendly company, like a dog toy maker, a pet food manufacturer, or even a pet supply provider, you’ll be helping pets every day! Digital marketing managers make a median salary of $64,000 according to our PayScale Salary Survey.

No matter what you do to help the dogs, cats, birds and lizards of the world, we wish you the best of luck!


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