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5 Common Work-From-Home Jobs and What They Pay

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When you think of work-from-home jobs, do you think of low-paying gigs? If so, it’s time to realign your expectations.

The typical telecommuter earns $58,000 per year, according to research from Global Workplace Analytics. Seventy-five percent make at least $65,000 annually. Unsurprisingly, given that pay rate, most are skilled workers in professional jobs.

In fact, many telecommuting jobs offer good salaries. FlexJobs, an online job board dedicated to remote, freelance and other flexible work, recently compiled a list of the 14 most common remote jobs in their database. Here are a few with median pay that tops $58,000 per year:

1. Client Services Director

Client services directors maintain relationships with their company’s clients, maintaining a high retention rate and making sure the customer is happy. They may also bring in new business. Note that even remote client services jobs are likely to require travel.

Median Annual Pay: $87,463

2. Business Development Manager

Business development managers create business plans to increase revenue, brand loyalty and achieve other strategic objectives.

Median Annual Pay: $71,168

3. Software Developer

No big surprise that this tech job makes the list. Software developers can easily work from home, creating and improving computer applications and the systems that control networks.

Median Annual Pay: $69,357

4. Registered Nurse

Not all nurses work in hospitals or doctor’s offices. Some provide care in patients’ homes, while others work out of their own homes, answering patient questions via video or phone.

Median Annual Pay: $61,912

5. Speech Language Pathologist

Thanks to video conferencing, some speech pathologists are able to help clients remotely. Many work for medical or educational companies, according to FlexJobs.

Median Annual Pay: $59,252

For more information, see FlexJobs’ list, 14 of the Most Common Remote Jobs and How Much They Pay.

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