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The 25 Most Unsatisfying Jobs In America

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In a perfect world, everyone would work a meaningful job. We would all wake up every day excited to go to what would be our well paying jobs where we are changing the world for the better. Unfortunately, reality is bleak, and not everyone has a job that they love. In fact, some people have jobs that they specifically feel unsatisfied with, as indicated on PayScale’s latest report which surveyed over five hundred thousand workers to learn which jobs out there give workers the least amount of satisfaction. Here are the twenty five most unsatisfying jobs out there, as well as how much they pay.

25) Home Health Aids

Percent Unsatisfied: 23.6%

Median Salary: $24,500

24) Concierges

Percent Unsatisfied: 26.4%

Median Salary: $25,500

23) Correctional Officers

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Percent Unsatisfied: 27.1%

Median Salary: $35,900


22) Brokerage Clerks

Percent Unsatisfied: 27.4%

Median Salary: $47,800


21) Fast Food Workers

Percent Unsatisfied: 27.7%

Median Salary: $20,500


20) Carpenters

Percent Unsatisfied: 28%

Median Salary: $37,200


19) Industrial Truck Operators

Percent Unsatisfied: 28.4%

Median Salary: $30,600


18) Material Movers

Percent Unsatisfied: 28.7%

Median Salary: $27,500


17) Bakers

Percent Unsatisfied: 28.7%

Median Salary: $25,900


16) Chemical Process Operators

Percent Unsatisfied: 29%

Median Salary: $37,800


15) Cashiers

Percent Unsatisfied: 29.1%

Median Salary: $19,200


14) Security Guards

Percent Unsatisfied: 29.3%

Median Salary: $26,100


13) Construction Workers

Percent Unsatisfied: 29.4%

Median Salary: $33,200


12) Insulation Workers

Percent Unsatisfied: 29.5%

Median Salary: $36,600


11) Machine Tool Setters

Percent Unsatisfied: 29.6%

Median Salary: $34,200


10) Dry-Cleaning Workers

Percent Unsatisfied: 29.7%

Median Salary: $19,800


9) Assemblers

Percent Unsatisfied: 29.8%

Median Salary: $30,600

8) Roofers

Percent Unsatisfied: 29.9%

Median Salary: $36,300


7) Molding Machine Setters

Percent Unsatisfied: 29.9%

Median Salary:$36,600


6) Dishwashers

Percent Unsatisfied: 30%

Median Salary:$19,300


5) Bindery Workers

Percent Unsatisfied: 31.2%

Median Salary: $33,000


4) Small Engine Mechanics

Percent Unsatisfied: 31.7%

Median Salary: $34,100


3) Food Servers

Percent Unsatisfied: 33.3%

Median Salary: $22,300

2) Steel Workers

Percent Unsatisfied: 35.6%

Median Salary: $44,400


1) Photograph Processors

Percent Unsatisfied: 37.7%

Median Salary: $30,200


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