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How to Kickstart Your Career as a Beauty Blogger

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Before beauty bloggers like Huda Kattan (of HudaBeauty), Gemma Carey, and Robin Black (of Beauty Is Boring) started capturing followers every day with their keen product reviews, hacks and dramatic imagery, they were passionate people looking for a way to share their experiences.

Their ultimate success has inspired a new crop of beauty fanatics who want to follow in their primped and pretty footsteps. So how does one begin a career as a beauty blogger? While it may seem like nothing more than a glamorous life of sitting in a café with a laptop and a latte, it’s really fueled by a lot of hard work and passion, along with timely and frequent posting. Below are some smart ways to help you kickstart a career as a beauty blogger.

Know Your Beauty

Begin by looking at what inspires you. Who or what do you find yourself frequently using as a resource when it comes to creating the perfect sultry date night look or revitalizing at-home hair mask? It can be your favorite celebrity makeup artist, fashion magazine, the bloggers you follow on YouTube, or even the friendly girl who helped you behind the makeup counter. Inspiration comes in many shapes and forms. By looking at the people, places, or even brands that inspire you on a daily basis, you can figure out who you’d ideally like to work for, and this can also keep you focused on achieving your goals.

Find a Niche Market

What makes you different, what’s your unique voice, and what is it that you want to say to your followers? Having a unique angle for your blog will help drive followers to you and make you a great resource for that specific topic. Are you an expert on skin care for sensitive skin? Do you have the best ideas for all-natural products? Figure out what it is that you do best and find a clever way to say it that makes you different from other beauty bloggers. It doesn’t have to be a big, obvious thing, either. Sometimes it’s just one simple idea, image, or theme that can make your blog unique. And that’s really what readers are looking for: your personality and your keen sense of beauty knowledge.

Know Your Audience

As any good writer or comedian can attest to, it’s all about knowing your audience. Who are you talking to and why is it important to deliver this information? Someone in her 50s might not be looking for the same beauty techniques and products as someone in her early 20s. Taking a “one size fits all” approach may make your blog appear unorganized and too vague. By having a theme or a specific angle, you can unify your blog. It also makes it easier to create information that speaks to your chosen generation or group. From a conversational tone to step-by-step imagery and videos, it’s all about knowing how your target audience wants to receive their information.

Get Familiar With Blogging Platforms

Now that you have your mission outlined, it’s time to set up your blog. There are many free, user-friendly platforms that make it easy to customize how your information will look, and even when it will post. After getting your site set up, it’s a good rule of thumb to write an “About Me” section to introduce yourself and your blog’s purpose to your readers. Also, link your blog to your other social media accounts so you can easily share updated posts across all platforms.

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Get Ready to Roll With the Punches

It may not require a hefty start-up budget to become a beauty blogger because all you need is a laptop and your keen beauty sense, but spending your working hours alone and outside of an office can make this career seem lonely. Remember, there are ups and downs with any job, and it takes patience and persistence to build a strong readership and following. That’s why it’s great to keep yourself motivated while also getting experience that can help you with everything from writing flow to imagery.

Keep Learning

Make a name for yourself while broadening your expertise by reaching out to local bloggers, influencers, and even local newspapers and magazines. Commit to more than following them on social media. Perhaps you can start an internship to gain knowledge and access inside their world to learn how creative teams produce content and even partner with beauty brands. Everything starts with a good angle, and it’s always great to find a mentor or colleague that will offer constructive feedback and inspire you at the same time.

The beauty industry is strongly tied to the fashion industry, and that means it’s always changing and growing with new information. Staying ahead of trends by looking at what is being shared by your favorite bloggers and magazines, and getting the “new and now” out on your blog in a timely fashion are essential to becoming a successful blogger and keeping your readers delighted.

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