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Woman Who Gave One-Finger Salute to Trump’s Motorcade Receives Unique Job Offer

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A few weeks ago when Juli Briskman decided to take a bicycle ride in northern Virginia, she likely had no idea about the media storm that would soon surround her.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to catch up, here’s the backstory. During her morning bike ride, Briskman found herself riding alongside the presidential motorcade. That’s when she made the decision to take one hand off the handlebars and use it to flip off the motorcade until they passed beyond her view.

The problem? At the time, she happened to be employed by a government contractor. As you can probably imagine, the incident did not go over well with the firm. Briskman told ABC News that she was fired and escorted out of the office for violating the firm’s code of conduct.

Fast-forward to a week later, and Briskman has received over $100,000 in donations from GoFundMe, in addition to a unique job offer, according to a report from WUSA9. The pornography and social media company xHamster was quick to offer her a legitimate role on their marketing team.

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Whether or not Briskman has taken xHamster up on their job offer has yet to be seen. But whatever she decides to do, she has the support of plenty of fans on Twitter and the rest of the internet to keep her spirits up in the wake of unexpectedly losing her job.

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