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Your ’90s Dream Job Is Calling From American Girl

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Grab your best jelly shoes and favorite Kaboodle, because the dream job you likely dreamed about as a child is now hiring. Anyone who grew up in the ’90s remembers American Girl dolls. And if you didn’t have your own American Girl doll, you likely had the catalogue, and surely your parents remember you begging for your own American Girl lookalike.

The good news? You can now apply to be a researcher for American Girl at their office in Middleton, Wisconsin, which means you can finally afford your very own doppelgänger doll. Not to mention you’d be working for a company whose mission is to inspire, empower, and unite girls of all ages and diversities. If you’re interested in the job role at American Girl, here’s what you need to know.

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From the official job description:

The Researcher is responsible for researching to ensure accuracy and authenticity of American Girl characters, including books and print products, toy product, movies, games, marketing, retail displays and programs, customer service, and customer programs. A foundation of thorough research underlies the company’s content, product, and experiences, and is integral to maintaining and protecting American Girl’s premium status, point of difference, and valuable brand identity.

Additionally, you’ll need to have some experience working with successful brands. Leadership and relationship skills that work across different teams are a plus. At a minimum, you should have a bachelor’s degree or higher in history. This role also requires you to come in with at least three years of experience researching history, pop culture, or material culture.

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