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7 Jobs for Introverts That Make the Most of What They Do Best

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Career advice for introverts often focuses on what they’d prefer not to do. That might be a mistake. Inner-directed folks have unique strengths. To build a satisfying career, they should focus on what they do best.

The main difference between introverts and extroverts has to do with the way they recharge. Introverts need time alone to restore their energies. But extroverts regain energy through their surroundings and through being with other people. So, it stands to reason that these two groups have different skills and needs to consider when they look for jobs.

Some kinds of work seem particularly well-suited to introverts, and not just because they don’t require a lot of human interaction. These jobs for introverts also play to their strengths:

1. Writer

Writers take the time to sit with ideas and process their thoughts before putting them out into the world. This works very well for introverts. Introverts are often good writers – this kind of expression suits them.

2. Political Scientist

The job of political scientist could be a great fit for some introverts. The behind-the-scenes nature of the job is particularly well-suited to them. Independent research, and the analysis that follows, are the kinds of tasks that come naturally to a lot of introverts.

3. Park Ranger

The work of a park ranger might be a good fit for introverts who enjoy the great outdoors. They’re afforded a great deal of time alone, and the pace of the work can often be somewhat flexible. Because of their attention to detail, introverts are also often good at noticing subtle changes in the world around them. This trait could be a great asset for a park ranger.

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4. Software Engineer

Introverts are particularly well-suited to work as engineers for a variety of reasons. First, they’re often especially detail-oriented, a trait that’s essential in this profession. Also, software engineers usually work independently for a portion of their time. Introverts benefit from having time to focus. In fact, the ability to focus is just one more skill many introverts tend to have in spades.

5. Paralegal

Introverts could make great paralegals. Their ability to focus and to listen carefully are especially helpful in this job. There is also a fair amount of autonomy and independence in this occupation. So, introverts working in the role have a chance to recharge their energies during times when they work on their own.

6. Psychologist

Psychologists know how to listen. And, introverts are often excellent listeners. This trait could serve them well in many different kinds of jobs, working as a psychologist is just one such option. There is also often a lot of independence and flexibility with this type of work, which is perk many introverts would enjoy.

7. Editor

Introverts’ ability to focus and attend to detail sets them up be excellent editors. Also, as with writers, editors process thoughts and ideas in a different kind of way. Having the time to pace communication a little differently helps introverts to express themselves.

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