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5 High-Paying, Part-Time Jobs That Let You Work From Home

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When you think of work-from-home jobs, do you think of low-paying gigs? If so, it might be time to adjust your perspective. While there are plenty of entry-level, non-professional roles for people who want to work from home, those aren’t the only game in town. Professionals can find telecommuting jobs that satisfy their desire to keep moving forward in their career and get paid appropriately for their experience and skills.

Recently, ran a list of high-paying part-time jobs for professionals who want to work at home. These are a few of the jobs that made the list:

1. Telemedicine Physician

Here’s a rare work-from-home role where telecommuting may actually pay more than the median hourly rate. According to Medscape, telemedicine physicians can earn as much as $140 per hour, although a lot depends on where they live and practice.

Median Hourly Rate for Physician / Doctor, General Practice: $81.63

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2. Software Engineer or Developer

Tech jobs pay well, whether you work in an office or from the comfort of home. currently has listings for part-time, telecommuting roles for front-end and back-end developers.

Median Hourly Rate for Sr. Software Engineer/Developer/Programmer: $58.85

3. Project Manager

This job is all about keeping projects on track at every phase, managing deadlines and client contributions and making sure everything comes together in the end. Technology makes it easier than ever to do this remotely, which is why this high-paying job has the potential for telecommuting.

Median Hourly Rate for Project Manager, IT: $45.95

4. Data Scientist

The position advertised on is for a data scientist with 10 to 15 years of experience, but even if you’re newer to the game, you can probably find a position that will allow you some flexibility in terms of telecommuting. Take a look at any major jobs site, and you’ll find listings for data scientist roles that allow employees to work from home.

Median Hourly Rate for Data Scientist: $37.05

5. Tax Preparer/Advisor

This seasonal job is the perfect gig for a CPA or enrolled agent who doesn’t mind working a lot during one particular part of the year (tax season, naturally). With the advent of video conferencing technologies, it’s easier than ever to do this job remotely.

Median Hourly Rate for Tax Accountant: $22.08

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