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The 5 Happiest Cities for Workers in 2017

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Would you like to be happier at work? A lot of people would. The question, of course, is what would help you to get there. What are the factors that truly make us happy at work — compensation, control over our work, or just working with nice people?

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Generally speaking, it’s a combination of those factors. Find an employer that offers the right mixture, and you’ll stand a much better chance of enjoying your job. Some cities have higher concentrations of jobs and employers that offer happy-making work. Recently, the job search site CareerBliss recently released their list of the happiest cities to work in right now.

Their findings are based on data collected from company review surveys that evaluated factors like compensation, relationships with bosses and coworkers, growth opportunities, company culture, and more. Let’s take a closer look at the five cities that came out on top.

1. Santa Clara, California. “Bliss Rating: 3.367.”

The city of Santa Clara was ranked as the happiest city to work in 2017. Located about 45 miles south of San Francisco, this Silicon Valley city is brimming with high-paying jobs as well as opportunity and the promise of continued growth. The beautiful, sunny weather probably doesn’t hurt much either.

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2. San Jose, California. “Bliss Rating: 3.332.”

San Jose, California is also in Silicon Valley, and it comes in second on this list of happiest cities to work right now. Like Santa Clara, San Jose also offers a ton of high-paying STEM opportunities to qualified and eager workers.

3. Portland, Oregon. “Bliss Rating: 3.319.”

The city of Portland, Oregon is known as an especially fun and unique city. The weather might be pretty rainy, relative to other cities on the list, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of the happiest cities to work in 2017.

4. Cincinnati, Ohio. “Bliss Rating: 3.276.”

It might be surprising to see Cincinnati on this list – sandwiched between west-coast cities with better PR. But, don’t underestimate Cincinnati — this city is a really great place to work. It’s affordable, beautiful, and full of educational and professional opportunities. So, what’s not to love?

5. San Francisco, California. “Bliss Rating: 3.262.”

San Francisco is an expensive city to live, but apparently that hasn’t held back residents’ happiness as much as you might think. Still, some folks who work in this city can’t afford to live there too, and that is a problem. Still, workers who find themselves employed in San Francisco, as with the other pricey California cities on this list, have a lot to feel good about.

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