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How many times have you wondered what a random job might pay? Maybe you’ve pondered whether your peers are making more than you are, or debated how to start a conversation about salary with your boss. Or, maybe you’ve got some burning trivia questions in mind, like how much QVC hosts make, or whether UPS workers earn more than FedEx workers.

No matter how crazy or strange your questions about salary are, PayScale is ready to answer them. Just use the hashtag #HeyPayScale.

It’s Easy to Get Answers to Your Salary Questions

All day, every day, the career and salary experts at PayScale are ready to answer any and all of your questions about salary. All you have to do is use the hashtag #HeyPayScale in your tweet, Facebook or Instagram posts! We’ll reply to you with an answer so you can be on your way to earning the paycheck you deserve in no time.

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Twitter not your thing? Not everyone is a social butterfly, and that’s okay. PayScale just launched our annual Salary Negotiation Guide, which is chock-full of actionable advice and tips you can use to negotiate your salary. We’ve provided customized guides, scripts, and how-tos for every salary negotiation scenario out there, including negotiating a new job offer, negotiating benefits, and even tips for those negotiating salary for the first time.

Tweet Us Your Salary Questions Today!

Got questions about salary? Facebook, Instagram, or tweet #HeyPayScale to get an answer promptly!

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What Am I Worth?

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