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Spotify to Obama: Have We Got the Job for You

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Barack Obama
Pete Souza via Wikimedia Commons

Two days from now, President Barack Obama will be citizen Barack Obama — and out of a job.

Although he’s likely to stay active in the Democratic party, Obama has joked about several possible post-presidential hobbies/gigs that aren’t related to politics. Playing golf every day, for example. Or working for Spotify.

NME reports: “With all eyes on his next move, the US president quipped that he was looking for an opening at the Swedish streaming company, telling former Swedish ambassador Mark Brzezinski earlier this week: ‘I’m still waiting for my job at Spotify.'”

The Daily Dot notes that it wouldn’t be his first time working with the streaming music provider. Obama has periodically released playlists through the company. However, it’s not every day that the outgoing POTUS expresses interest in working at your company, and Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek wasn’t going to pass it up. His suggestion: Obama should apply to be President of Playlists, a role with very specific requirements.

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President of Playlists

The position is no longer listed on Spotify’s career opportunities page, but per The Telegraph, it specified “at least eight years running a highly-regarded nation” and “experience in programming playlists at a federal level”, as well as “excellent work ethic, a friendly and warm attitude, and a Nobel Peace Prize.”

Obviously, a pretty tough find for a hiring manager. Although, as the ad’s expired, maybe the president decided to apply for the job.

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