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Some of the Highest Paying Jobs in DFW Are at the Airport

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The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is a massive economic hub in the middle of Texas. Because of its size, the DFW is able to provide a variety of different job opportunities, ranging from popular job choices in oil and gas to the tech industry, which has recently started blooming in the area. But if you’re weighing career decisions and wondering what kind of jobs will give you job security in addition to a high salary, you should consider working in the aerospace industry. Here are the highest paying aerospace jobs in the DFW metro.

Airline Pilots and CopilotsMedian pay of $99,000

As an airline pilot, you will be responsible for flying and operating aircraft that transport people and cargo. Pilots work on a fixed schedule and spend most of their time inside the aircraft. They operate the plane, alongside a copilot. The downside of being an airline pilot is that overnight layovers can mean spending a lot of time away from home.

Commercial PilotsMedian pay of $83,000

Commercial pilots are similar to airline pilots in a lot of ways, with the main difference being that commercial pilots don’t transport passengers. Commercial pilots use their skills for rescue operations, charter flights, aerial photography, and more.

Aerospace EngineersMedian pay of $75,000

Aerospace engineers are responsible for designing functional and safe aircraft, satellites, and even spacecraft. Basically, an aerospace engineer helped designed the airplanes we all ride in and enjoy. This type of work requires a bachelor’s degree and may require security clearance.

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Air Traffic ControllersMedian pay of $59,000

Being an air traffic controller is serious business, especially in a major national hub for connecting flights. Air traffic controllers are responsible for coordinating the movement and flow of air traffic at the airport. Their main job is to always be on alert, and to ensure the safety of all aircraft and those on board.


PayScale created this report based on top-paying titles in a specific region. These lists are filtered by relative commonness to focus on jobs that are not only well-paying, but also unique to the region. This was done to remove obviously high-paying jobs that are found everywhere (e.g. general doctors, lawyers, etc.). Median pay is the national median (50th Percentile) annual total cash compensation.

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