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6 Things To Show Your Coworkers Today That Have Nothing To Do With Politics

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No matter which way you voted, election day has come and gone. A new president has been elected by the American people to take over the White House in 2017. And if there is one thing that was blatantly obvious about this election, it’s that it has been an emotional roller coaster for everyone involved — including you, including me, and all the lovely people we work and interact with on a daily basis at our jobs. My advice? Don’t pester your coworkers today by talking about politics or the recent election. Instead, show them something adorably unexpected, like some cute animal GIFs.

This happy little guy practicing his trust fall

Teddy bear trust fall

These bears playing with a balloon

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The magic of this cat who just discovered belly rubs

Rescued feral cat discovers the wonderful world of belly rubs

A husky blowing bubbles in his water bowl because why not

Floofie Bubble Blower

This happy fella who is ready to get back to work

Wait for it

And this dog who is really excited you’re home

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Im more inclined to talk about politics with colleagues who are on the other side of party lines than chat about teddy bears.

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