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In Georgia, a Career in Aeronautics Pays Big

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In the Peach State, following a career in aeronautics can really pay off in terms of salary. It makes sense, considering that Georgia’s primary airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, is named year after year as one of the world’s busiest airports. That said, not all airline jobs pay the same, but with Georgia’s lower cost-of-living, they are all certainly worth considering. Here are the aeronautics jobs that will pay you the most in Georgia.

Photo Credit: Pexels
Photo Credit: Pexels

Airline Pilots, Copilots, and Flight Engineers

Median Pay: $108,000 per year

Because airline pilots are responsible for the safety of the entire plane and the crew, it’s not a shock that they typically get paid well. Being a pilot doesn’t require a college degree, but most employers do prefer it. Pilots often work long hours on tight schedules.

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Commercial Pilots

Median Pay: $80,000 per year

Commercial pilots have similar responsibilities to airline pilots, except instead of carrying people, they carry cargo and goods for businesses across the country and world. And instead of rushing to get people to their next destination, cargo pilots are rushing to get your latest Amazon order to you.

Avionics Technicians

Median Pay: $55,000 per year

Avionics technicians are important because they ensure that the communication devices, weather radars, and engine controls are working and operating at top performance. Aviation technicians require a special certification and training. People usually move on from this job into an engineering role.

Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians

Median Pay: $48,000 per year

Like cars, aircraft need regular engine checks and services. That’s where aircraft mechanics and service technicians come in. They monitor things like fluid levels, fuel tanks, landing gear, and more. Before working with aircraft, candidates should have some level of experience in repair work.

Cargo and Freight Agents

Median Pay: $41,000 per year

Cargo and freight agents work to help customers ship products by flight. They are focused on the logistics related to transporting goods, and getting it done in the shortest amount of time and at a fair rate. Often times people in this job role have to be good at bargaining, as third parties are often involved in transactions.


PayScale created this report based on top-paying titles in a specific region. These lists are filtered by relative commonness to focus on jobs that are not only well-paying, but also unique to the region. This was done to remove obviously high-paying jobs that are found everywhere (e.g. general doctors, lawyers, etc.). Median pay is the national median (50th Percentile) annual total cash compensation. 

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