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5 Seasonal Jobs That Aren’t Retail Elf

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When you think of seasonal jobs, very specific types of gigs probably spring to mind. Most likely, you’re picturing retail jobs, with a special focus on the kind that require you to wear elf ears and striped stockings.

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While retail gigs can be an excellent way to make some extra money during the holiday season, they’re far from the only show in town. Don’t think you’re out of the running, just because your career has progressed past entry-level work or your temperament isn’t suited for dealing with crowds of kids who definitely belong on the Naughty List.

“Seasonal jobs can be a great strategy for professionals to supplement income during the holiday season, and there is a wide variety of opportunities for seasonal work — from ski instructor to tax associate to election worker,” said Sara Sutton Fell, Founder and CEO of FlexJobs, in a press release. “But beyond that, seasonal jobs can also be a great way to gain experience and skills, build upon your resume, provide a foot in the door with a company to a permanent position.”

Recently, FlexJobs ran a list of 15 seasonal job opportunities that popped up in their database — and only one of them involved learning the names of all eight (nine — sorry, Rudolph) of Santa’s reindeer.

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Here are few jobs you might not know about:

  1. Election Clerk

If you’re organized and efficient, and interested in participating in the democratic process beyond just casting your own vote, this temporary, part-time gig might appeal.

  1. Seasonal Sports Instructors

FlexJobs’ list offers opportunities for Ski Instructors and Fly Casting Instructors, but those are only two of many possibilities. If you’re experienced in your sport and a good teacher, this might be a perfect way to enjoy one of your favorite hobbies, make a little money, and help others connect with something you love.

  1. Tax Associate

Tax season feels a long way off, but it’s never too early for tax professionals, who can start finding their perfect seasonal gig now.

  1. Admissions Reader

Wait, isn’t school already in session? It is, but since many colleges and universities have rolling admissions and/or transfer students, opportunities for Readers are seasonal but ongoing.

  1. Human Resources Administrator

Someone has to vet and hire all this temporary help, so it’s no wonder that some HR departments find themselves in need of temps to screen the temps, so to speak. If you’re an HR professional and between full-time jobs, this might be the perfect way to keep your own resume from developing gaps.

To find temporary jobs in these and other categories, check out FlexJobs’ list.

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