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Who Will Be President? Part 2 – Nominee Support by Gender and Management Level


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Does your gender, salary, job title, education, or industry influence your political choices? PayScale surveyed 4,386 users between August 5, 2016 and August 16, 2016 to see how they’re casting their vote. Keep an eye on our collection of election stats and infographics–which we’ll update weekly–and be sure to get out and vote!

Interesting takeaways:

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  • Men are most likely to support Trump (27 percent) but are almost as likely to support Clinton (25 percent) or be undecided (24 percent).
  • Women are significantly more likely to support Clinton than any other candidate (41 percent).
  • Non-management level workers are more likely to support Clinton (34 percent) than management-level workers (30 percent).
  • Management-level workers are more likely to support Trump (25 percent) than non-management level workers (20 percent).

Come back next week for more election posts with updated data and additional information; we’ll be breaking down how our users intend to vote every week leading up to Election Day! And see all our election coverage here.

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