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#BigBlockofCheeseDay: Jobs, the Gender Pay Gap, Family Leave, and More


If you love cheese and you love politics, today is your day on Twitter. OK, fine, the cheese part is just a fun historical reference, wrapped up in a hashtag; Big Block of Cheese Day, first coined on the show The West Wing, dates back to an open house held by President Andrew Jackson in 1837. The reception was Jackson’s last in office, and featured a 1,400-pound wheel of cheese and 10,000 guests from the general public. Today, of course, we don’t need fromage and an open door to speak to our government directly – we just need Twitter. For the third year in a row, advisors like Vice President Biden and Secretary of Labor Tom Perez took to Twitter to answer the public’s questions.

ben franklin

(Photo via The White House on Twitter)

The full lineup is here at the White House’s blog; questions and answers can be found on Twitter at #BigBlockOfCheeseDay. Fair warning, however: some people did not exactly understand the concept, so there’s a fair amount of general enthusiasm for dairy products, as well as burning questions about the direction of the nation.

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Here are a few of the more relevant Q&A’s, unrelated to cheese and cheese products:

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