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How to Deal With a Job You Hate


Getting stuck in a job you hate seems to be something most of us encounter at least once in our lives. Many factors contribute to why you haven’t quit yet — perhaps you want to find another job first, or you want to make a career switch but need more direction, or you simply want to stick it out a bit longer to fluff your resume. Here are a few ways to deal with this difficult situation.

Use the bad job experience as a learning opportunity. If the environment is toxic, focus on how it became that way. What mistakes have managers made, what could you or other team members have done to make things better, and what policies can be put into place to avoid such a situation? Figure out what these answers are and take these lessons with you to your next workplace.

Another way to deal with a job you hate is to do something on the side that does make you happy. Sometimes aspects like health insurance and a good salary can keep you coming into work each day, but the work and job itself is soul-sucking. To counteract this, follow your passion by freelancing, volunteering or starting your own business. You might even find that it’s the perfect balance to unleash your creativity.

If you really hate your job and simply cannot deal with the office environment or the people you work with, just quit. Sometimes, it’s best to save yourself the anxiety and leave on your own terms. But remember not to burn any bridges, be cordial and always make the break in person.

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