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9 Careers for People Who Want a Life Outside of Work


Are you one of the many Americans who are married to their careers and have little to no time (or energy) to even think of having a life outside of work? If so, then it may be time to consider another career that allows for better work-life balance, so that you don’t have a life of all work and no play. Read on to see nine careers that will allow you to have your cake and eat it too.

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According to Gallup, the overall national average for employee engagement is only 31 percent, which means that means that nearly 70 percent of workers are unhappy and/or disengaged at their jobs.

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One of the reasons for so many unhappy campers in the workplace is because managers are also just as unhappy and disengaged, so the misery trickles down the ladder, one subordinate at a time. There’s also a little something called Career Compulsive Disorder (CCD), a term coined by Women’s Health that refers to a severe form of workaholism that inflicts many professionals today.

The average adult working full-time spends an average of 47 hours per week plugging away at their jobs, according to Gallup’s Work and Education Survey, and nearly four in 10 say they work at least 50 hours per week. When you add that all up, that doesn’t leave a lot of room for a personal life … or much pleasure, for that matter.

This may be the reason that millennial workers would rather forgo a corporate job with a higher paycheck for a career opportunity that is more fulfilling and flexible. Can you blame them? If you’re looking for a job that will afford you more work-life balance, and are thinking of changing careers, one of these occupations might be for you:

Jobs in Writing

Freelance Writer: Median Hourly Pay: $29/hour

Blogger: Median Pay: $40,397

Editor: Median Pay: $47,566

Jobs in Technology

Web Designer and Developer Median Pay: $49,625

Data Analyst Median Pay: $54,070

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager Median Pay: $59,763

Jobs in Health and Wellness

Personal Trainer: Median Hourly Pay: $18/hour

Registered Nurse: Median Hourly Pay: $26/hour

Occupational Therapist (OT): Median Hourly Pay: $35/hour

In the end, finding a job that allows you to have a life outside of work is a win-win situation for you and your employer because happy employees are productive employees12 percent more productive, to be exact. Next time you feel down in the dumps about having to work over the weekend yet again, consider a career that doesn’t take you away from enjoying the finer things in life, like quality time with friends, family, and yourself.

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