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6 Tips For Celebrating Halloween at Work (Without Getting Fired)


Halloween is an opportunity to have a little bit of fun with what you wear to work. Cruising right past the cozy feel of casual Friday, the holiday offers even more choice – providing the opportunity to amuse and delight your colleagues, and yourself, with what you elect to wear. Other questions also arise with the holiday. Should we have a party? Should any special parameters be put in place for the day? There are some guidelines that are good to keep in mind.


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1. Wear a costume, but only if you want to.

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If you love dressing up for Halloween, you should definitely take this opportunity to do just that. But, it’s great to have the option to wear a costume, not the obligation. Some adults enjoy this sort of thing, and others do not. Make sure to let the office know that costumes are optional this holiday, and provide guidelines if you think they would be a good idea. And, only wear a costume if you really want to. If you’re going to feel self-conscious or uncomfortable all day, it’s probably not worth it.

2. Don’t wear something that’s too revealing.

The office is not the place for your sexy-nurse or sexy-cat costume. Save such adornments for later, on Halloween night. As a general rule, you should only show the amount of skin that you would during a typical workday.

3. Avoid costumes that highlight your political views.

It’s not a good idea to talk about politics at work. And, although Halloween provides the opportunity to do that in a covert way, it’s probably best to avoid it just the same. It IS all right to dress up as a political figure, just avoid revealing your own leanings in your portrayal.

4. Unless there’s a party – it’s not a party.

Halloween parties at work are not super common. Sure, some pals might go out after work, but usually the workday proceeds at its normal clip. Unless your office is having a party, don’t think of this as a “special day” in terms of workload. Chances are, you’re expected to work at your normal pace and be just as professional as ever.

5. Think about what you have to do that day…

If you have a big meeting, or if you plan to meet with a new client, conduct some interviews, etc., it’s important to consider that. Perhaps it’d be best to not wear a costume at all if you have something important going on that day. Check out this video for more information. You stand warned.

6. Don’t gross people out.

The workday is long. And, since this is the office we’re talking about here, people generally do not have the cushion of alcohol to soften the blow of the icky makeup you’re so proud of being able to expertly apply. People have to focus at work. They have to eat meals and look directly at you in order to get things done. Try not to gross anyone out with your costume.

When it comes to your workday costume, keep it clean and fun. If you’re looking for ideas, consider one of these classy ensembles. And, don’t forget to have fun this Halloween!

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