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Top of Their Class: Teachers’ Salaries by State


How to you reward someone for helping young people learn the alphabet, have confidence in themselves, remember long division, behave well in public, respect authority, dream their biggest dreams, grow healthy social connections and also turn their homework in on time?

Everyone knows that teachers have a major task to accomplish every day in the classroom. And, at least the younger teachers' salaries don’t quite match the effort they put in. But, depending on where teachers live, some may be rewarded better others. 

With PayScale's database, you can look at the differences in teachers' salaries by state, as well as what the cost of living is by city. PayScale’s cost-of-living calculator can tell you if the higher salary in big city goes as far as the smaller, rural-town salary. I took a look at the difference between the cost of living in Orange County, California and Bakersfield, California. Orange County is notorious for its high cost of living and that’s exactly what you see in the comparison of the two towns by the cost-of-living calculator.

Let’s take a look at the salary data PayScale has to offer about teachers’ salaries by state and major city. Overall, more expensive places do pay teachers more.

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High School Teachers' Salaries by State

High School Teachers' Salaries by City

Elementary Teachers' Salaries by State

Elementary School Teachers' Salaries by City

Middle School Teachers' Salaries by State

Middle School Teachers' Salaries by City

Elementary School Special Education Teachers' Salaries by State

K-12 Substitute Teachers' Salaries by State

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